Our Clients Are Fantastic

We work for people who understand our true value

November 2021. By Cassy Aoyagi: Our team members think working with our clients is one of the greatest things about working at FormLA Landscaping. I would agree!

Because we’ve really clearly defined our value proposition, our have a few things in common. First, our clients care deeply about the well-being of Los Angeles and know how sustainable landscaping supports it. They appreciate the distinctive beauty and value of California native plants. Finally, they genuinely want to do right in the world.

Because our clients are different, our work is different. Our clients:

Appreciate Our Team Member’s Expertise

Many of our clients looked far and wide to find a sustainable landscaping firm. They know our team members’ expertise and experience is rare and that it can help them reach their net zero aspirations, save money and time, or simply enjoy more beauty and birdsong. That creates a very different foundation for a relationship than simply mowing and going.

Have Curiosity

Our way of landscaping tends to spark clients’ curiosity. They become fascinated by the distinctive foliage in their gardens and the wildlife it attracts. They want to know how things work and why we do things the way we do. They want advice on what to plant where, as they expect that plant to stay and grow into the design of their gardens. This gives our team members’ opportunities to showcase their expertise, teach, learn, and connect with the people who benefit most from their work.

Become Our Cheerleaders

If you read our clients reviews, you’ll notice something. They notice our team. Their reviews are not simply about the results of our work, they are about their interactions with our exceedingly competent and communicative team members. They understand that the craftspeople and horticultural experts who install and grow their garden are every bit as responsible for their gardens’ beauty as those who designed it.

Make Our Days – Daily!

It is rare to have a day without a client email or text delighting a bloom, bird, lizard, butterfly or deer who is visiting their garden. Our team members not only get to see the results of their work daily, they get to share in the delight they’ve made possible. It makes for great days!

While it’s our clients who predictably make our days, neighbors and passersby definitely contribute. People tend to overlook the typical lawn-filled landscapes between buildings – and the people that work to create and maintain them. Our gardens are just different. They draw attention, questions, and appreciation. We enjoy that and hope you will too.

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