April 2013 Newsletter

Latest News: Steal This Tour-Worthy Look, Win Showcase House Tickets!

Upcoming Events: Pasadena Showcase House of Design Opening Day, Hike and Learn with Theodore Payne Foundation, Drought Tolerant Gardening Workshop

What to Expect: Protecting you from pests… Including Tier 2 water prices, Making the most of spring, Prepping for BBQ season

Team Update: Showcase Sneak Peek, Gourmet Garden Tour

March 2013 Newsletter

Latest News: Win Garden Tour Tickets, Saving LA, One Weekend at a Time, Plant to Save Your Home, Plant Monkeys in March

Upcoming Events: Sunland Welcome Garden Events, Gourmet [Native] Garden Tour, Theodore Payne Native Garden Tour, Pasadena Showcase House, Hike and Learn with Theodore Payne

What to Expect: Conserving water and soil moisture, Prepping your gardens for a productive, beautiful spring

Team Update: Landscape Industry Show

January 2013 Newsletter

Latest News: 3 Kid-Friendly IdealMow® Lawns, 7 Sensational IdealMow® Looks, Evocative Color Combinations, Dry New Year Favorites

Upcoming Events: Garden Tours!

What to Expect: Providing rainy-season peace of mind, Heavy lifting for a beautiful Spring

Team Update: Best of Houzz 2013, Empty Showcase House Party, 2 on TPF Tour