November 2010 Newsletter

Latest News: See Award-Winning Kay Garden, Bring Paradise to the Parkway, Get Climbing!, Pittosportum vs. Rhasmus

Upcoming Events: Make It [Pie] and Take It, Spring save the Dates

What to Expect: Planting, Planting, Planting, Cleaning gutters, Deep feeding citrus trees

Team Update: Echo Park Garden Attracts Throngs, Big Bird Visits Bird Bath, FormLA Container Garden, Cassy LEEDs

October 2010 Newsletter

Latest News: FormLA Greens Cisco Home, View Outdoor Kitchens, Host Thanksgiving Outdoor, Lavatera vs. Hibiscus

Upcoming Events: Cisco Home, Pest Management for Professionals, LEED® Landscaping, Echo Park Home Tour

What to Expect: Rejuvenating Natives, Planting Fill-Ins, Pruning and Feeding Trees

New Team Member: Yoshi Aoyagi

September 2010 Newsletter

Latest News: InStyle on the Tunney Gardens, Sunset Feature Natives, Cassy’s WELO kTalk, Lavatera vs. Hibiscus

Upcoming Events: Bird and Butterfly Gardens, Brookside Golf Tournament, Pest Management for Pros, LEED® Landscaping

What to Expect: Rejuvenating Natives, Pruning/Fill-ins, Municipal Incentives

Team Update: TPF Open House, Kirk Earned CLIA