Yard of The Week

Houzz. August 8, 2021. By Annie Thornton: Homeowners Tom and Bea Schumacher dreamed of converting their conventional lawn yard in Pasadena, California, into a landscape of outdoor living rooms connected by a series of paths and naturalistic gardens. “One aesthetic I longed for is from reading ‘The Secret Garden’ as a child,” Bea Schumacher says. Read More

Fire Resistant Landscaping

Flora. May 2021. By Cassy Aoyagi: Our home base is a little nook adjacent to chaparral, in the city limits of Los Angeles. My husband grew up wandering these mountains and probably knows every trail by heart. He made me love it, even more than the beach where I was raised. Read More

Stretch Your Garden Budget

Better Homes and Gardens. July 23, 2021. By Nafeesah Allen: It’s easy to overlook your landscape when budgeting for home maintenance and renovation projects. Yet this summer is bound to yield an abundance of backyard BBQs and other outdoor entertaining, ensuring that landscaping is a line item on your home improvement to-do list (and budget). Costs can quickly add up for outdoor projects, but with a little preparation, you can keep expenses down and really make every penny count. Read More