Keeping It Green: Energy-Efficient Home Maintenance Tips

New Home Source. October 10, 2016. Drew Knight: One of the biggest benefits of buying a newly built home is that today, more than ever, homebuilders are adopting green building techniques to make homes more energy efficient and better for the environment.

In fact, there are now numerous agencies and programs put into place to help monitor and rate builders and products to help first-time homebuyers like you make at-home energy conservation possible.

6 Ways Your Yard Can Kill Your Pet Oct 10, 2016. By Gina Roberts-Grey: Your yard can be your oasis, but it can also be a land mine of potential hazards to your pets. Whether you’re looking for a new house or want to spruce up your current backyard, there are a number of risks you should pay attention to in order to keep your furry friends safe. And breathing.

11 Ways to Respond to Water-Saving Clients

Total Landscape Care. October 3, 2016. Jill Odom: The West isn’t the only part of the country that suffers from drought, and even areas that aren’t currently in a drought can benefit by conserving water.