Outdoor Fix-Ups: Improving Outdoor Lighting

Houzz. July 1, 2016. By Kerryn Ramsey: Here are some easy ways to introduce effective and evocative lighting in the backyard, without hiring an electrician. Great lighting will help you enjoy your outdoor areas all year long, however, it’s important not to have the light so bright that it washes people out and hurts the eyes. An ideal amount of illumination allows people to see each other, eat a meal and find their way around the area safely while still creating an intimate mood. While task lighting is essential, it’s the more whimsical additions that make outdoor areas come alive.

Safe Rooms and Other Hot Design Trends

Los Angeles Times. June 22, 2016. By Lisa Boone: Go big or go small. Or figure out a way to do both.
That’s the choice facing design fans in Los Angeles this weekend.

12 Consigli Che Vi Faranno Risparmiare Soldi in Giardino

Houzz. June 19, 2016. By Lidia Zitara: A volte il giardino si trasforma in un terribile mangia-soldi. Ma arginare le spese è possibile: vediamo come. Le pavimentazioni
Un’altra delle spese maggiori in giardino sono le pavimentazioni.
Se avete una buona manualità e siete in grado di gestire calcestruzzo, livelle e rulli, realizzatele da soli, magari inserendo un mosaico. Ma dovete essere ben certi di fare un lavoro da esperto, altrimenti meglio affidarsi a un professionista.