Designing for Disaster: Creating Fire-Defensive Landscapes

LA County Fire Department Blog. October 5, 2018: Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge joined with FormLA Landscaping on Saturday, September 8, 2018, to host a two-part panel discussion series created to help Southern California locals explore the ways home gardens and public spaces can help reduce the risk of fires, floods, and other natural disasters. The first session, “Creating Fire-Safe Landscapes” provided attendees with an overview of recommended plants and design strategies to help protect homes from wildfire.

Descanso Seminar on Fire-Defensive Landscapes Draws a Crowd

La Canada Outlook. September 13, 2018, By Wes Woods: Clearing vegetation around the house and proper plant selection were among the recommendations for creating fire-safe landscapes at a seminar on Saturday hosted by Descanso Gardens.

What Your Outdoor Space Says About You Sep 10, 2018. By Jennifer Geddes: We spend hours fine-tuning our interior decor to display our our refined tastes, our sense of aesthetics, our dazzling personalities. But try this on for size: Some designers suggest that your outdoor space is actually the true window into your soul.