The Grass Does Not Have to Be Greener | Apr 9, 2018 | By Jamie Wiebe: A lush green lawn full of vibrant plants and flowers can simultaneously be a source of delight and your worst nightmare: the constant mowing. Watering without getting dirty looks from your drought-conscious neighbors. Weeds—so many weeds. And why do things keep dying?

You can keep pouring money into your outdoor space, or give up and go with a scorched-earth approach. But those aren’t your only options.

15th Annual Native Plant Garden Tour

KTLA. April 9, 2018. By Nancy Cruz and Gale Anderson. (Video)

See it: A Showstopping Urban Meadow

Los Angeles Times. APR 03, 2018. By Lisa Boone: DiAnna Moore used to be known as the Rose Lady. “I had a carpet of red roses in my front yard,” Moore says of her Northridge garden. “We tried to keep them alive, along with our Bermuda grass,” all while trying to adhere to water conservation rules in place at the time.