How to Go Green: The Ultimate Homeowner’s Guide

Fox News. February 7, 2017. By Celeste Perron: If the phrase “eco-friendly home” makes you think of an off-the-grid hippie hut on one hand, or a bespoke LEED Platinum palace for those with Leonardo DiCaprio‘s budget on the other, we have news for you. Greening your home is easier than ever.

Volunteers help restore Rosemont Preserve

LA Times, Glendale News-Press. December 15, 2016. By Jeff Landa: Adedicated group of conservationists brought together 30 members of the La Crescenta community recently to help restore land and stabilize a hazardous hillside.

The Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy and its affiliate, Friends of the Rosemont Preserve, sought the help of landscaping group FormLA to address the seasonal risk of natural mudslides or wildfires on a portion of 7.75 acres of open land at the northern end of Rosemont Boulevard.

Things to Consider When Buying an Eco-Friendly Home

Blue and Green Tomorrow. November 21, 2016: There’s been tremendous growth and progression in the American marketplace over the past decade in terms of eco-friendly goods and services. Currently, one of the biggest trends involves “green” homes. But before you sell your current home and consider building or buying an eco-friendly alternative, there are some things you should know.