What Your Outdoor Space Says About You

Realtor.com. Sep 10, 2018. By Jennifer Geddes: We spend hours fine-tuning our interior decor to display our our refined tastes, our sense of aesthetics, our dazzling personalities. But try this on for size: Some designers suggest that your outdoor space is actually the true window into your soul.

Designing for Disaster

KTLA. September 2, 2018: Cassy Aoyagi dispels a few myths about fire wise landscapes and outlines the steps we can take to protect LA.

6 Plants That Will Ruin Your Life

Realtor.com. August 28, 2018. By Jennifer Geddes: Flowering shrubs and lush greenery might seem like a bonus in the garden, but not every plant is desirable—and some are downright destructive. Yup, we’re talking about invasive species, including flora that grow too big, spread seemingly overnight, and push out native plants and ecosystems.