6 Landscaping Mistakes that Destroy Your Yard

Realtor.com. March 29, 2016. By Jamie Wiehe: As warmer temps approach—quite slowly, depending on your part of the country—you might already be sweating your lawn. And with good reason: Good landscaping can add up to 28% to the overall value of a home.

No Pond, No Problem

Lawn and Landscape. February 10, 2016. By Brian Horn: Pondless waterfalls have the benefits of a water feature without the hassle…

The trend now is maintenance-free water features. Instead of homeowners taking an active role in maintaining the feature, they want something they can see and hear but don’t have to touch. That attitude has led to a rise in the popularity of pondless waterfalls.

Santa Monica’s Last Unadulterated ‘Shotgun’ House

Los Angeles Times. January 24, 2016. By Nita Lelyveld: It’s just a little slip of a house, three tiny rooms in a row.

But when its narrow front door opened on Saturday, people lined up for a chance to get in.

What is believed to be Santa Monica’s last unadulterated “shotgun” house — one straight, hallway-less shot from front door to back — had been through so much to reach what amounted to this moment of rebirth.