Pasadena Showcase House of Design

HomeWizards. May 4, 2013. By Cindy Dole and Eric Stromer: The HomeWizards interview Cassy Aoyagi and other Pasadena Showcase House designers, eliciting details to help listeners recreate their Showcase looks.

Privacy Hedges: Why A Mix of Plants Is Better Than One

Los Angeles Times. April 26, 2013. By Craig Nakano and Cassy Aoyagi: You might recall that when a reader wrote about twin rows of Italian cypress — one established and healthy, the other newer and dying — the SoCal Garden Clinic asked a Pasadena nurseryman to tackle the question of why the plants might be struggling for survival. Now, with spring planting upon us and installing privacy hedges a priority, we thought we’d get a second opinion from landscape designer Cassy Aoyagi, co-founder and president of the Tujunga firm FormLA Landscaping.

LA at Home: 2013 Pasadena Showcase House Preview

Los Angeles Times. April 18, 2013. By Bob Chamberlin: The annual Pasadena Showcase House of Design, open Sunday to May 19, features the work of more than 25 designers who transformed a 1941 Monterey Colonial in Arcadia originally designed by Roland E. Coate Sr. Take a look at some of the home and garden design ideas that await visitors.