Pasadena Showcase House of Design 2012: An Inside View

Arts Beat LA. Saturday, April 14th, 2012. By Pauline Adamek with Photography by Karol Franks: Exquisite detail and luxe touches – this year the legions of designers have truly outdone themselves. For several months numerous teams of dedicated interior designers, as well as countless workers and volunteers, have been enthusiastically laboring to transform and restore a magnificent estate to its former glory with a gorgeous and modern makeover.

The result is breathtakingly spectacular.

Theodore Payne Garden Tour

Urban Dirt. April 26, 2012. By David Walrod: The Native Plant tour was in full swing and so was David. We were only able to visit 6 of the 37 gardens on display, but we hope you’ll join us next year! Together we’ll visit gardens that celebrate native plants, smart gardening practices and the natural history of the region.

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Tips and Inspiration for Outdoor Rooms

At Home, Outside. HGTV. May 2012. Looking for your landscape style? Tour four outdoor rooms with strikingly different styles, a cozy bohemian space, a Japanese inspired dining area, a Mediterranean oasis, and the rustic modern retreat created by FormLA Landscaping. (Clicking to the video will launch HGTV sound.)