See it: A Showstopping Urban Meadow

Los Angeles Times. APR 03, 2018. By Lisa Boone: DiAnna Moore used to be known as the Rose Lady. “I had a carpet of red roses in my front yard,” Moore says of her Northridge garden. “We tried to keep them alive, along with our Bermuda grass,” all while trying to adhere to water conservation rules in place at the time.

The Best Trees for Privacy, Shade, and More Mar 29, 2018. By Jennifer Geddes: What are the best trees for privacy, shade, and your yard in general? Such questions are well worth asking, since not all flora are created equal.

There Goes the Neighborhood! March 12, 2018. By Stephanie Booth (@stephaniebBarth): Your neighbors couldn’t care less about what you keep on the mantel above your fireplace. And they wouldn’t expect you to check with them before you pick out new paint for your bathroom. Your yard, however, is a very different matter.