Plant Late Summer Edibles

Houzz. July 21, 2021. By Marianne Lipanovich: A gardener’s work is never done. Even though August is the high point for the summer vegetable garden, with ripe tomatoes and peppers, freshly picked corn and never-ending zucchini rewarding you for your hard work in the spring, it’s time to start thinking about what vegetables you want for fall. Read More

Create Defensible Spaces

Houzz. August 2021. By Eileen Kelly: Firescaping incorporates the design of the landscape and property surrounding a home to lessen its susceptibility to fire. This can be achieved through a well-thought-out landscape design plan that specifies less combustible plants, incorporates fire-resistant materials and follows the advice and guidelines determined by fire-safe organizations. Read More

Yard of The Week

Houzz. August 8, 2021. By Annie Thornton: Homeowners Tom and Bea Schumacher dreamed of converting their conventional lawn yard in Pasadena, California, into a landscape of outdoor living rooms connected by a series of paths and naturalistic gardens. “One aesthetic I longed for is from reading ‘The Secret Garden’ as a child,” Bea Schumacher says. Read More