Mistakes New Homeowners Make

Realtor.com. May 30, 2022. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Homebuyers who actually manage to land their dream house in today’s crazy market are understandably excited to make it their own. And now that the weather’s warmed up, many will no doubt be eager to take their itch for decorating outdoors. But watch out: If you’ve never owned a house with a yard or outdoor area before, you may make some rookie mistakes that can seriously crimp your property’s curb appeal rather than enhance it. Read More

10 Native Trees Designers Love

Houzz. May 3, 2022. By Annie Thornton. Planting a tree is a big investment in your landscape — but one that can have large payoffs, from beautifying your yard and enhancing curb appeal to shading your home and helping cut energy use. With the 10 native trees profiled here, the benefits are even greater. Read More

Work with Native Plants

Sustaining U.S. on KLCS. December 15, 2022. By David Nazar: The U.S. Green Building Council’s thought leading LA Chapter (USGBC-LA), the California Native Plant Society and Theodore Payne Foundation have developed a curriculum for training landscapers in native plant landscape creation and maintenance. Learn more about the program and its many benefits here.