Just Add Water

Realtor.com. Apr 27, 2021. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Every homeowner wants a calm oasis in the backyard. For some folks, this means a fully loaded outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven and mini fridge, while for others it’s a simple hammock strung between two trees. But for the ultimate in backyard tranquility, we’re here to suggest you add a water feature. Cooling and quiet, installing a new H2O design can transform your outdoor space into a true escape. Read More

Add Layers to Gardens

Houzz. April 22, 2021. By Benjamin Vogt: By The first flower to emerge in spring is often a surprise, catching me pleasantly off guard even though, in my bones, I know it’s time… With the annual spring cut down of last year’s plants behind me, I was noticing gaps where more things could be added, but also where existing plants could be doubled if not tripled in number. Read More

Las Plantas Nativas

LA OPINIÓN. April 19, 2021. By Jacqueline Garcia: En un esfuerzo por continuar enfrentando la sequía del sur de California, diferentes entidades han puesto manos a la obra para informar a las comunidades de cómo los jardines sostenibles con plantas nativas son una buena opción. Lee Mas