Sustainable Landscaping

HomeGreenHome Podcast. June 8, 2020. Hosted by Izumi Tanaka: Cassy Aoyagi is a LEED accredited practitioner, a board member of the USGBCLA and president of FormLA Landscaping, a full-service design+build and maintenance firm. She believes LA’s authentic, native beauty can save LA – from drought, fire, flooding and slides, all while improving our health and economic resilience.

“Planting a native garden has endless upward spiral of benefits to homes, schools, communities and environment.“

Try Succession Planning June 30, 2020. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Want your new vegetable garden to survive—and even thrive? You might need to start thinking hard about succession. And no, we’re not talking about corporate dynasties, or even the buzzy show on HBO. We’re talking about giving your sprouts room to grow.

Spanish Colonial Curb Appeal

The Spruce. June 15, 2020. By Deirdre Sullivan: Spanish Colonial houses are known for their speculator curb appeal thanks to striking white stucco walls, red tile roofs, and gorgeous landscaping. Learn more about the shape, frame, and structure of these magnificent abodes.