Buy Healthy Land July 13, 2022. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: When homebuyers tour potential homes, most can spot obvious problems like a bad grout job in the bathroom or an outdated kitchen. But do you know what to look for outside the house, on the land beneath your feet?
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Tear Out Your Lawn (How-To)

LA Times. July 7, 2022. By Jeanette Marantos: You can almost hear it: the crunch of crisping lawns all over L.A., thanks to the ongoing drought and recent restrictions on outdoor watering. It’s no surprise, then, that many Angelenos are thinking seriously about ripping out their lawns in exchange for less thirsty landscapes and a $2-a-square-foot rebate. Read More

Plant Native In Shade

Houzz. June 24, 2022. By Lauren Dunec Hoang: If you’re looking for planting inspiration for a shaded area of your garden, look no farther than the natural woodlands of your region. If you choose to plant native perennials in your garden, you’ll be rewarded with plants that come back year after year and are perfectly adapted to your area. Read More