Keeping It Green: Energy-Efficient Home Maintenance Tips

New Home Source. October 10, 2016. Drew Knight: One of the biggest benefits of buying a newly built home is that today, more than ever, homebuilders are adopting green building techniques to make homes more energy efficient and better for the environment.

In fact, there are now numerous agencies and programs put into place to help monitor and rate builders and products to help first-time homebuyers like you make at-home energy conservation possible.

Ispirazioni e Decori per Cene d’Estate e Tavolate Sotto le Stelle

Houzz. July 18, 2016. By Valentina Lonati: Avere un giardino o una terrazza offre l’opportunità di invitare amici a pranzo o a cena, imbandendo lunghe tavolate pronte ad accoglierli. Qui di seguito abbiamo raccolto alcune immagini di ispirazione e qualche suggerimento utile per stupire gli amici quando decidiamo di organizzare un pranzo o una cena all’aperto. Perché spesso creare l’atmosfera giusta rende ancora più belli i momenti passati con le persone care.

Outdoor Fix-Ups: Improving Outdoor Lighting

Houzz. July 1, 2016. By Kerryn Ramsey: Here are some easy ways to introduce effective and evocative lighting in the backyard, without hiring an electrician. Great lighting will help you enjoy your outdoor areas all year long, however, it’s important not to have the light so bright that it washes people out and hurts the eyes. An ideal amount of illumination allows people to see each other, eat a meal and find their way around the area safely while still creating an intimate mood. While task lighting is essential, it’s the more whimsical additions that make outdoor areas come alive.