Stroll Through 10 Inspiring Gardens

Houzz. March 28, 2017. By Annie Thornton: Paths and the plants that edge them can create some of the most memorable and magical garden spaces, from meandering, overgrown walks to clean-lined, neatly framed runways.

8 Ways to Find Healthy Neighborhoods

Trulia Blog. February 10, 2017. By Laura Agadoni: Your neighborhood could play a factor in your overall health. Here are some considerations to make during your house hunt.

From green space to traffic volume, the neighborhood in which you live could contribute to your health. Think about it: If your neighborhood lacks easily accessible areas for you to exercise, you’ll probably exercise less, at least outdoors. Just as the addition of playgrounds gives children a place to play, sidewalks, for example, can encourage you to get out and walk. And when you do spend time outside in your neighborhood, you’re more likely to get to know your neighbors, which adds to a feeling of community.

How to Go Green: The Ultimate Homeowner’s Guide

Fox News. February 7, 2017. By Celeste Perron: If the phrase “eco-friendly home” makes you think of an off-the-grid hippie hut on one hand, or a bespoke LEED Platinum palace for those with Leonardo DiCaprio‘s budget on the other, we have news for you. Greening your home is easier than ever.